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ugh i am so annoyed right now

so i went jogging ( by myself ) a few hours ago and there was this group of guys like 4 or 5 of them and of fucking course they started whistling and catcalling me as i went by, shouting things like ” hey pretty lady ” and just being really obnoxious. all i did was slowly put on my earphones making it very clear they could fuck off and sashayed the hell away from them. i hate boys like that so much



Last week I went to a convention, and I did an “inspired” cosplay; my outfit consisted of very short high waisted shorts, a sheer black shirt, and a bright red bra that you could clearly. I thought I wouldn’t have a problem since my friends have worn the same type of outfit before, but I ended up enduring catcalls and aggressive advances all day. Even in broad daylight, a man kept yelling at, to the encouragement of his companions. I was so uncomfortable I had to cross the street early; I even went over defenses and things I’d have to say to the police if I ended up being assaulted or worse. The fact that this is a conditioned instinct, and that I had to go out of my way to escape harassment, still makes me upset. I understand I was wearing something risque, but the fact that I was scared for my life just because I wanted to show my enthusiasm as a fan of something is too much.

I have about two stories. One of them is about me and the other is about my friend.

In 6th grade, I was kind of harassed by these two guys in my math class. They were both in 7th grade, and had both gone to my elementary school. They had bothered me there too—like stopping me in the hallway and blocking my path, but it got worse in middle school. One of them saw me on the first day of school and called me the “Ardmore girl.” Ardmore was my elementary school. He would draw penises on my papers and I just let him, erasing them later. The other one would whisper things about semen in my ear and then laugh. He got really close to me and would rub his arm against mine. I didn’t want to cause any trouble, so I would just ignore them. This other guy in my math class who was also a 7th grader, who I kind of liked, called me pretty all the time, but would check me out whenever I wasn’t looking. He touched my thigh this one time, and that was when I stopped liking him and told him to back off. He said hi to me a year later and I kind of panicked and ran off. I have a class with him this year (I’m in 9th grade now), but he ignores me. i have gotten over him now, since he hasn’t really done anything, except flirt with me a little this one time. Because of my cute baby face, I look younger than I am, except for my breasts and hips. I am kind of big chested, and I got my period in 5th grade, so I was already a woman in a sense. But I act older than I really am. I guess I was really attractive in 6th grade. I was also stalked by this one guy that I didn’t know in the hallway. He followed me to the other side of the school when I went to get something from my locker during class. He was really ghetto and he made me nervous. He never said anything to me, but we were all alone, so he wan’t following someone else.

My friend’s story was that when she was about 12 or 13, she was at the mall with her friend and they were trying on clothes while her friend’s mom was at the salon. They had these family dressing rooms at this mall and while she was waiting for her friend to get dressed, this “dad-age” guy went up to her and said that she had a cute butt. She freaked out at ran to her friend and they told the mom. They complained to the mall managers and got the dressing room rules changed.

I wouldn’t consider this to be street harassment, but I think it deserves a place on this blog. Its alright if you don’t wish to post it.

I am 14 and in high school. This only happened a couple of weeks ago. In my art class all of the tables were temporarily swapped around so me and my friends were forced to be near these 2 guys. We were just doing our work and chatting amongst ourselves and they felt the need to interrupt our conversation with rude comments. They’d say things like 'shut the fuck up' or 'no one cares' just to get some sort of reaction out of us. I kept quiet but my friends didn’t. Let’s call them A and N. I can’t remember exactly what A said but they both replied with someone insulting about her braces and saying that she couldn’t speak because of them. N was calling out to the teacher about needing more paint and one of the guys called her lazy and then snickered between them which made her begin to reply and they just butted in like 'shut up, bitch' and then turned away. These guys were even getting pencils out of the art drawers and throwing them across the class room while the teacher was out. I could tell by looking around that other people were getting pretty annoyed by this and I was starting to lose it. I kept looking at N and slowly shaking my head. Meanwhile, they were still laughing and throwing shit and doing whatever the hell they wanted. I grabbed one of the guys’s stuff (pencil case and book) and completely threw it across the room. My heart was beating so fast and everyone went silent and looked at me. The guys were seriously shocked but then started attacking me instead, saying 'bitchor ‘someone has anger issues’. Well excuse me but you were the idiots insulting my closest friends (not the first time too) and you expect me to get angry ?

i remember this one time me and my mom were at walmart getting school stuff, no biggie, but as we were leaving this old guy (probably mid 50s) was staring at me and licking his lips (i was like 13 at the time so i didnt know how to handle something like that) so i turned to my mom and told her that he was staring at me and being genuinely creepy and she turned around so fast and marched right up to him and started screaming at him in the middle of the store and he just look so offended like how dare she protect and defend her 13 yr old daughter  and he said something along the lines of “well if you didnt want people to stare at her you shouldnt let her out of the house dressed like that” and i just felt so ashamed because i felt like it was my fault that he was staring at me (i was wearing some skinny jeans and a baggy t shirt, typical outfit for a teen) and my mom slapped him and yelled at him about how it wasnt my fault he was a disgusting old pervert who stared at little girls and then she stormed away with me to the car where i ended up crying and telling her sorry over and over again because i thought it was my fault my mom yelled at him and she told me that it wasnt my fault and it never was my fault and now i tell my 10 year old sister the same thing when creepy old men look at her and it makes me so sad and angry and my sister cries every time she gets harassed and now she just expects it when we go out just like i expect it and we shouldnt and i hate that we live in a world where young girls and women should expect to be sexually harassed



In the country were i live we’re kind of accustomed to men harassing us all the time, and that’s the problem, we’re used to it.

I was with my sister spending a few days with my dad in our farm because my parents are separated and that stuff, anyways, we went to the town to buy some groceries and there was this old man completely drunk behind us while we’re queuing. And he started to bother us, so i stood next to my sister because she was pregnant and i didn’t want her to get hurt. He took my hand and i dropped the things i was carrying. My father wasn’t in there, he was talking on the phone outside the mall. My sister started to silently laugh at me and i was all freaked out but i didn’t move, neither say anything in case he’d try something else. 

I barked away from his touch but instead of just go away he put his arm around my shoulders and started to whisper things in my ear. I just stood there, not knowing what should i did. I took a salami from where i left it and started to slap him with it. It may sound funny but believe me, it wasn’t. I was 14 at that time and for god’s sake, i wanted to cut his balls off. My eyes were blurry and i didn’t want to cry in front of them. No one helped me. Neither my father do, he saw all the situation tho.

The old man started to made his way through me and intended to kiss me but i obviously pushed him away. I don’t remember how he got off of me, but in the way home i was all shocked and my family just laughed at me like it was a show or something. Fuck them. I really was scared and they didn’t help me. Nowadays they still remember it and laugh. My father’s excuse was that he knew the man and he’d have started to get violent if he pushed him away from me.

I really am scared of drunk people now. 

There was this guy who was a total creep in my school when I was 16 but I didn’t really know it yet because my friend only pretended to put up with him and I didn’t realize it yet.

Anyways, we both happened to be volunteering at the same kids’ event and I didn’t know anyone but him so I kinda started to talk with him more because I was nervous and didn’t know who else to hang around with. A few minutes later while I’m sitting at the temporary tattoo booth he comes over and is laughing about one of the Easter egg gifts and I don’t know why I followed him but I did and we went into the empty kitchen in the back and we were both laughing about it (I can’t even remember what it was) but I started to get uncomfortable because he kept moving closer to me.

I started to get really freaked out and back then I didn’t know why but when I tried to leave he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back (he was huge and towered over me) and I almost barreled straight into him but I pulled back harder and I think I said “no” before running out. I avoided him ever since and I still get freaked out with being alone with a guy even if it’s someone I like

So this isn’t strictly street harassment, per se, however, I have to share because it was genuinely infuriating.

I’m a weightlifter and today I was short on time and didn’t pack extra clothes so I attended class in my (loose) workout shorts. A (female) student in my department then thought it was appropriate to comment on my legs, telling me I was “a burly bitch”. Growing uncomfortable, I tried to shrug it off, and a passing (male) professor looked at my legs and said “Oh, no, she’s many things, but burly isn’t one of them.” I could hardly make eye contact with anyone, but every time I looked at him he was staring at my legs.

I felt so ashamed and violated and had to fight the urge to run into the bathroom and put on a pair of sweatpants. I’m not sure if this was strictly appropriate to submit, but it definitely felt like public harassment and it was from people I knew, which made it so much more dehumanizing.

When I was 19 I went to Italy with some friends. We’d gone to this little village for the day and found this big park, and we wandered off by ourselves for a bit. I ended up sitting on a wall reading a book and after a while I noticed this old guy hovering near me (I’d say he was around 60) and looking at me. I sort of smiled at him and went back to my book, then a few minutes later he started talking to me. I speak virtually no Italian so I only understood a few bits of what he was saying, but when he started gesturing at my face and my boobs I got the general idea. I tried to ignore him and keep reading, but then he stepped closer, reached out and pulled the front of my shirt right down, and just full on had a look at my boobs. I pushed his hand away and shook my head (not knowing how to say “fuck off you fucking creep” in Italian) and sort of waved him away, then I just sat for a few minutes in total shock. When I found my friends (both girls btw) and told them what had happened, they both just sort of laughed and dismissed it because the guy was elderly. I was so shaken up and upset that they didn’t take it seriously.

We went to a cafe for lunch and I specifically remember going into the bathroom to wipe my makeup off and tie my hair back because I didn’t want to look nice for the rest of the day. Fuck that old guy, just because you’re elderly and “harmless” it doesn’t mean you should get away with shit like this.

That’s disgusting, that old man was disgusting and he sexually assaulted you. 

A lot of people want to give older people creep passes because they’re so desexualized by society, but no. Absolutely not. You don’t ever have to put up with feeling unsafe just because some old ass perverts got one foot in the grave already

completely forgot the ‘street’ part of the page, my apologies! i’ve been feeling angry recently about work so went on a rant which wasn’t exactly street harassment. 
 No problem, I pretty much gave up on that. Now I’m just here to listen